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This wardrobe combines the clean lines of Scandinavian furniture design with the look and feel of the orient. Storage for your clothes and belongings as well as a statement piece in your home.


IKEA NORDKISA (00439468) price. Compare price for NORDKISA in different countries

Canada  Canada [↗]166.4 EUR 254 CAD
Hungary  Hungary [↗]196.32 EUR 69990 HUF
Norway  Norway [↗]200.11 EUR 2299 NOK
Sweden  Sweden [↗]211.09 EUR 2295 SEK
Slovakia  Slovakia [↗]219 EUR
Poland  Poland [↗]220.31 EUR 999 PLN
Czech Republic  Czech Republic [↗]220.61 EUR 5990 CZK
Denmark  Denmark [↗]227.86 EUR 1699 DKK
Austria  Austria [↗]229 EUR
Germany  Germany [↗]229 EUR
Spain  Spain [↗]229 EUR
United States  United States [↗]230.12 EUR 249 USD
Finland  Finland [↗]249 EUR
United Kingdom  United Kingdom [↗]261.79 EUR 229 GBP

Open wardrobe with sliding door, bamboo, 47 1/4x73 1/4 " (00439468)

You can create a room divider by attaching one of the shorter sides of the wardrobe to the wall.

This wardrobe is open yet it creates privacy thanks to a fixed wall on one side and a sliding door on the other.

Slide the door open to access your hanging clothes from either side of the wardrobe.

Slide the door to the other side to access your belongings on the shelves. Why not use the shelves to display some of your favorite objects?

NORDKISA series in bamboo coordinates beautifully with both our NORDLI and ELVARLI storage series.

The clothes rail holds about 10-12 shirts on hangers.

One shelf holds about 20 pairs of folded pants or 40 T-shirts.

One shelf holds about 1-2 pair of shoes.

Attach any of the short sides to the wall or attach the long side that does not have the sliding door.

L Hilland/J Karlsson

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