IKEA PÅHL (30306495) price. Compare price for PÅHL in different countries

Poland  Poland [↗]13.23 EUR 60 PLN
Sweden  Sweden [↗]13.8 EUR 150 SEK
Denmark  Denmark [↗]16.09 EUR 120 DKK
Hungary  Hungary [↗]16.83 EUR 6000 HUF
United Kingdom  United Kingdom [↗]17.15 EUR 15 GBP
Czech Republic  Czech Republic [↗]18.42 EUR 500 CZK
United States  United States [↗]18.48 EUR 20 USD
Canada  Canada [↗]19.65 EUR 30 CAD
Austria  Austria [↗]20 EUR
Germany  Germany [↗]20 EUR
Spain  Spain [↗]20 EUR
Finland  Finland [↗]20 EUR
Slovakia  Slovakia [↗]20 EUR
Norway  Norway [↗]21.33 EUR 245 NOK

Add-on unit, white, green, 25 1/4x15 3/8 " (30306495)

Choose an expression to suit your home and style by turning either the green or white side of the back panel outwards.

This add-on unit makes it easy to store and display anything from pens and paper to books and toys.

May be combined with PÅHL desk.

When the add-on unit is placed on top of a desk, the whole combination must be placed against a wall to avoid the risk of tipping.

S Fager/J Jelinek

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