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With HYLLIS cover you can transform the open HYLLIS shelving unit into an enclosed storage solution. Perfect if you want to protect your things from dust or have a small greenhouse indoors or outdoors.


IKEA HYLLIS (s39286558) price. Compare price for HYLLIS in different countries

Hungary  Hungary [↗]26.84 EUR 9570 HUF
Czech Republic  Czech Republic [↗]27.14 EUR 737 CZK
Canada  Canada [↗]27.49 EUR 41.97 CAD
Germany  Germany [↗]28 EUR
United Kingdom  United Kingdom [↗]28.58 EUR 25 GBP
Austria  Austria [↗]29.97 EUR
Finland  Finland [↗]29.97 EUR
Slovakia  Slovakia [↗]29.97 EUR
Spain  Spain [↗]30 EUR
Poland  Poland [↗]30.87 EUR 140 PLN
Norway  Norway [↗]31.07 EUR 357 NOK
Sweden  Sweden [↗]32.84 EUR 357 SEK
United States  United States [↗]33.24 EUR 35.97 USD
Denmark  Denmark [↗]38.22 EUR 285 DKK

Shelving units with covers, clear, 70 7/8x10 5/8x29 1/8 " (s39286558)

The cover is easy to put on and remove.

At the top of the cover there is an opening that allows air to circulate.

You can also use the shelving unit with cover as a small greenhouse.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

IKEA of Sweden

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