IKEA SVALNÄS (s49320774) price. Compare price for SVALNÄS in different countries

Hungary  Hungary [↗]367.46 EUR 131000 HUF
Sweden  Sweden [↗]374.35 EUR 4070 SEK
Canada  Canada [↗]379.96 EUR 580 CAD
Czech Republic  Czech Republic [↗]381.2 EUR 10350 CZK
Slovakia  Slovakia [↗]390 EUR
Norway  Norway [↗]394.3 EUR 4530 NOK
Spain  Spain [↗]399 EUR
Poland  Poland [↗]405.78 EUR 1840 PLN
Austria  Austria [↗]410 EUR
United States  United States [↗]419.57 EUR 454 USD
Germany  Germany [↗]420 EUR
Finland  Finland [↗]434 EUR
Denmark  Denmark [↗]445.27 EUR 3320 DKK
United Kingdom  United Kingdom [↗]463 EUR 405 GBP

Wall-mounted workspace combination, bamboo, white, 91 3/4x13 3/4x69 1/4 " (s49320774)

With a spacious storage solution everything has its place; makes it easy to find your things.

Hide or display your things by combining open and closed storage.

Shelves of different depths and widths mean you have space for everything from trinkets to books.

Sliding doors give you the choice between hiding and displaying your belongings, and do not take up any space when opened.

Only for indoor use.

Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home.

Be aware that different wall materails are able to support different loads of weight. For instance, walls made of drywall cannot support as much weight as walls made of wood, concrete or brick.

If you are uncertain about what type of mounting devices to use, please contact your local hardware store.

Jon Karlsson

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