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This beautifully matched dining set with traditional feel will soon become a natural gathering place in your home. NORDVIKEN extendable table seats 2 to 4 people and NORDVIKEN chair provides good comfort.


IKEA NORDVIKEN / NORDVIKEN (s89305074) price. Compare price for NORDVIKEN / NORDVIKEN in different countries

Poland  Poland [↗]175.77 EUR 797 PLN
Canada  Canada [↗]195.88 EUR 299 CAD
United States  United States [↗]202.39 EUR 219 USD
Germany  Germany [↗]208.98 EUR
Spain  Spain [↗]209 EUR
Finland  Finland [↗]211.05 EUR
United Kingdom  United Kingdom [↗]216.06 EUR 189 GBP
Norway  Norway [↗]216.3 EUR 2485 NOK
Austria  Austria [↗]218.98 EUR
Sweden  Sweden [↗]219.37 EUR 2385 SEK
Hungary  Hungary [↗]224.32 EUR 79970 HUF
Denmark  Denmark [↗]226.52 EUR 1689 DKK
Czech Republic  Czech Republic [↗]238.29 EUR 6470 CZK
Slovakia  Slovakia [↗]238.8 EUR

Table and 2 chairs, black, black, 29 1/8/41x29 1/8 " (s89305074)

This drop-leaf table seats 2-4. It is a good option for small spaces as the size can be adjusted easily, according to need.

The foldable leaf automatically locks into position. The safety lock is released with a simple pull.

Solid wood underframe makes the construction very sturdy.

This table has been tested against our strictest standards for stability, durability and safety to withstand everyday use in your home for years.

The deepening in the chair seat distributes the weight over the area of the chair and reduces the pressure on the sitting bone.

The high backrest and the curved shape of the chair, provide good lower back support and prevent your back from getting tired. You sit comfortably, longer and with a relaxed posture.

For maximum quality, re-tighten the screws about two weeks after assembly.

Recommended for indoor use only.

This chair has been tested for home use and meets the requirements for durability and safety, set forth in the following standards: EN 12520 and EN 1022.

Francis Cayouette

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